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Songtan signtseeing special areas
Pyeongtaek city Songtan signtseeing special areas is area that tourists, year 230,000 men and women departments, are rushing in as cosmopolitan city that grow because make K-55 installation which is U.S. Forces in Korea post position.
* Upside numerical value : Pyeongtaek city sinjang1.2dong, jisandong, Songbukdong, Seojeongdong member
* appointment area : 491,316 m² since
* chisel work : 1997.5.30 appointment ancient poetry (Ministry of Culture and Sports ancient poetry 1997-33)
* local citizenry : Make that is K-55 U.S. warplains the center and foreigners were massed, and shopping for abroad tourists and withering and falling trade congestion. Geographical pass
Store present condition
* signtseeing trade : 80 places (tourist hotel 8, 1 per the signtseeing theater, exclusive use merrymaking restaurant 55 that is abroad, travel agency 16)
* general trade : 2,635 places (general restaurant 566, rest restaurant 62, merrymaking restaurant 111, happy circle main point 58, accommodations 68, Noraebang 55, other 1,715)
tourist hotel
Mutually Mutually grade number telephone
Songtan tourist hotel sinjangdong 274-190 1 97 82-31-666-5101
sinjangdong shopping mall
City park that can satisfy shopping and a rest at the same time to pedestrian single-purpose road of 275m to unit railroad edge in front of K-55 installation.
Distance of Seojeongdong culture
To Songtan branch office front cherry blossoms screen plantation because cherry blossoms do full bloom that was done(4-5 month) park formation various culture event propulsions of downtown inside
Burac mountain  
Many people are finding to walking path on holiday because physical aspect of a mountain is not high, and there is bicycle path.

The piece park and leports town furtherance propulsion

  sinjangdong shopping mall street
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