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Private car utilization

* Navigation guidance

- "Songtan tourist hotel" search

- "Gyonggi-do Pyeongtaek city sinjangdong 274-190" search

* highway

- in osan interchange Osan(Songtan) quarter → on the capital onedong chunil intersection 1 times to center
  strip Pyeongtaek/Songtan quarter → in jisan range Songtan bus terminal aspect → on the sinjang overpass
  intersection sinjang shopping mall/sinjangdong quarter right side elevated road → turning left 160M →
  Songtan tourist hotel public transportation utilization

Public transportation

* Subway

- 1 Songtan station alighting, 10 minutes on foot need

* country bus

- 45 minutes at cross kangnam highway bus terminal, dong seoul bus terminal, same Seoul terminal need
  (10 minutes on Walking at Songtan terminal need)

airport Songtan tourist hotel

* Inchon international airport-Kimpo Airport-osan-Songtan-Pyeongtaek (to 06:30∼22:20 /
   30 minutes∼1 hour, interval running)

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